Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6. The Vision - Whitethorn, the Town

Whitethorn sits on a mountain road leading to the small coastal town of Shelter Cove. Most of the small towns in the redwood area are quaint little towns with maybe one home-style café, a gas station and a general store. I assumed Whitethorn was similar with perhaps a curio shop selling redwood religious items because of the Redwood Monastery down the road. I was hoping to mail some MailArt envelopes from the Whitethorn Post Office.

The Reality

Above is a photo of main street Whitethorn. The old post office is the building on the right with the mural on it. (a new post office is on the main road to Shelter Cove) Needless to say the town of Whitethorn was not what I had expected.

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